king charles spaniard

do you ever just spend 8 hours on a powerpoint maybe 5 people will see

OK other notes for this: 

There are a few characters that I really like that I did not include (Rin-rin, Mei-mei, Panda Mama) because, to be honest, I was getting very tired of making it. Like I said, 8 hours. 

If you are interested in and/or like this anime, go check out these blogs!

I think I forgot to mention this in the powerpoint, but it is subbed. However, the voice acting is pretty slow (it sort of adds to the relaxed atmosphere of the show) so it’s pretty good for people who don’t do well with fast subs.

And I might’ve made a couple of typos, but bear with me, ok?

TYPO #1: Episode 44 was the sad one, not 43. Mistake on my part. Honestly, I guessed, and didn’t check.

TYPO #2: Not so much of a typo, but more like a really huge error. I REALLY wish I could’ve gone into more detail on a few more characters, but I really botched Sloth up. He lives in the cafe grounds, and doesn’t work at the zoo. However, given that I am a mondo lazypants, I just sort of pushed him into that slide because I felt like he was worth mentioning.

OTHER EDIT: Forgot to include this, but you can watch it on crunchyroll here!

HOPEFULLY THE LAST EDIT: This is really a bonus thing, but I think the OST is really cute, so here’s a place to get it.

And if you really read all of this, thank you for reading!

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